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With the new FUTURE-TYPE Concept from Jaguar, you can take advantage of autonomous driving and do nearly anything you want during your ride in this model. Now, instead of focusing on the road, you will be able to check emails, do work, or relax on your way to work, school, or a vacation. Here is just a glimpse of the things you can do with your time in the FUTURE-TYPE Concept.

Actually Drive

Just because the FUTURE-TYPE Concept is autonomous, that doesn't mean you don't get to drive if you want. You can sit back and relax or take control of the steering wheel. Jaguar models are known for their fun-to-drive feel and thrilling performance, so those of the future should not be any different. Best of all, the FUTURE-TYPE Concept will include a range of assisted driving features to help you stay safe when you do choose to put its performance to the test.

Talk to Passengers

As the driver, do you ever feel left out of the conversation because you have to focus on the road and can't join in fully? The FUTURE-TYPE Concept gets rid of that issue, letting you talk - and face your fellow passengers - as you travel to your destination. In fact, the 2+1 social seating arrangement within this Jaguar concept is designed with conversation in mind. No more trying to keep a conversation going while limiting yourself to eye contact via the rearview mirror.

Track Your Orbits

Part of the FUTURE-TYPE Concept is an HMI system that includes various orbits for things like work, home, friends, and family. While on the road, you can track whichever of these you want, keeping tabs on what others are doing or the tasks that need to be completed at home. The system will let you scale back the orbits or show as many as you want, customizing your experience.

Do Some Work

For those workaholics, the FUTURE-TYPE Concept's autonomous driving can fuel your dedication to your job. Instead of focusing on the road during your commute, you can prepare for that big presentation or review a report you didn't get time to read the previous night. Or even just catch up on work-related emails.

Watch a Movie, Read a Book, Listen to Music, or Nap

Or choose one of your favorite relaxation activities to entertain yourself during your ride. Watch a movie or TV show since you don't have to watch the road. Read a physical book or listen to an audiobook. Listen to music. You can even take a nap if you didn't get enough sleep the night before!

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