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All You Need to Know About the Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar vehicles never cease to amaze! This year, Jaguar has introduced to the market its very first all-electric performance SUV. This is the perfect vehicle for those individuals and families who want to drive in style while contributing to the wellbeing of the environment. Discover this brand-new vehicle at our dealership. Fasten your seatbelts securely and get ready for this exciting adventure!

You'll Want One!

I-PACEIn the Jaguar world, we're not afraid of change because it brings about innovation that can change our lives for good. The brand-new Jaguar I-PACE, though different in many ways, is still an authentic Jaguar at its core. The Jaguar I-PACE is a compact SUV designed to take you quickly and safely to your destination. When fully charged, the I-PACE can achieve up to 378 km of range thanks to its 90kWh battery. Did you know that the only two full luxury SUVs on the market are the I-PACE and the Tesla Model X? The 2019 Jaguar I-PACE is definitely one of a kind and you'll surely want one, too!

Styling That Inspires the Soul

The I-PACE is synonymous with elaborate elegance and unmatched luxury. Its body has sleek lines that are designed to easily slice through the air at any speed. This means that aerodynamics is at the top of the game with the Jaguar I-PACE. The interior of this performance SUV is as mind-blowing as its exterior. The materials, technology features and design all come together to create a luxurious atmosphere. There are optional performance seats available for increased lateral support. A unique feature in the vehicle is the cabin air ionization system that helps improve the quality of the air by reducing pollution and neutralizing bacteria. The 2019 I-PACE is designed to inspire the soul from the inside out!

An Electrifying Performance


The 2019 Jaguar I-PACE is the perfect example of a high-performance electric vehicle. Some people may shy away from purchasing an electric vehicle because they might think it's not as powerful as a regular vehicle. But with its 90 kWh battery and all-wheel-drive traction, the I-PACE can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in an impressive 4.8 seconds. And that's not all, its motors are capable of generating a maximum power of 394 hp and has a torque of 512 lb-ft. Get ready for an electrifying ride in the city!

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