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The Royal Family and Jaguar Vehicles

Jaguar is always working hard to bring forth great innovation and new technology features to improve the customer driving experience. Thanks to their world-renowned stature, many people around the globe keep tabs on the latest in the world of Jaguar. And this includes the British Royal Family! Since the very beginning of Jaguar, the Royal Family has always supported the Jaguar brand because of their reliability and class. As a Jaguar owner, you are part of a great family of Jaguar fans around the globe! Welcome to the amazing world of Jaguar!

Royalty and Electric Vehicles

the infotainment system inside a Jaguar I-PACEJaguar just launched their very-first all-electric SUV: the Jaguar I-PACE, and the British Royal Family just bought one this past September. To be more specific, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, bought the Jaguar I-PACE for an efficient and relaxing commute around London. the first-time the Royal family has been drawn to electric vehicles. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived at their wedding in May in a Jaguar E-Type, another Jaguar electric vehicle. Budds' Jaguar is so proud that the British Royal family is one of the biggest supporters of the Jaguar brand.

The Jaguar I-PACE

AN I-PACE seem form the back riding on the roadWhy is the Jaguar I-PACE so special? First of all, the Jaguar I-PACE is the first all-electric Jaguar SUV, making it also the only all-electric SUV manufactured by a luxury vehicle brand. The Jaguar I-PACE has an angular exterior design, which makes for a sleek look, and a spacious interior for you and your passenger to enjoy. This vehicle is equipped with the newest Jaguar infotainment system with the InControl Touch Pro Duo, which has a 10-inch integrated touchscreen, 4G Wi-Fi navigation Pro GPS and Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. There is also a separate 5.5-inch touchscreen with multi-function dials to control your seat position and the temperature inside the vehicle. There are three models for you to choose from: the I-PACE S, I-PACE SE and I-PACE HSE. Additionally, this year, there is a special model: the I-PACE FIRST EDITION. Come and explore the Jaguar I-PACE at our dealership!
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